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Why did you make this work:
After submitting my proposal to an online open call, I was then selected to design and install this colossal public artwork piece. It's located on the facade of Orchard Square, a shopping centre in Sheffield's city centre. I chose to reference Sheffield's vast industrial heritage, alongside capturing the colourful 'can-do' attitude of the people that live there.

How was the illustration used:
The mural has been used to brighten up an overlooked corner of Sheffield. Whilst also attracting visitors to the city and Orchard Square Shopping Centre.

How did you make this work:
The entire 30ft x 50ft mural was painted by hand in brush and roller applied masonry paint. The project comprised of three separate fixed scaffolding bookings, which allowed gradual access whilst Orchard Square remained open to the public.

Commissioner Name :
Nicola Blake
Commissioner Company :
London & Associated Properties PLC together with Museums Sheffield

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Sheffield Hallam University
BA Illustration
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Will Rea, known as Willustration, is an illustrator & muralist based in South Yorkshire. When he's not up a ladder painting large-scale murals, you might find him creating technical illustrations, signwriting or even teaching for a plethora of prestigious outlets. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University, he chose to set up his own business which specialises in creative facilitation.