Renia Metallinou
When the Universe Conspires

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Illustrations for a children's book for kids age 10+

Process: Black and white pencil drawings and various textures scanned into digital files. I used photoshop for the colour and for digital collage.

Materials: Pencil, water colour, textures, adobe's photoshop for the colour and digital collage

Formats: I worked with pencil in A4 and A3 and then had the images scanned into digital psd files at 350 dpi. The final book images are A5 for the single pages and A4 for the spreads.

Brief Requirements: The brief was to create 18 images with a limited use of colour for kids in the age of 10+.

Key Brief Ideas: The story is about a young lonely girl and her unexpected friendship with a smart dog that lives with an older lady. The book is for both boys and girls so the main colours I used were yellow, blue and red. I also made the girl's character a little tomboy.

Commissioned For: When the Universe Conspires, book illustrations

Commissioner Company: Metaixmio Books