When the Polar Bear Comes


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: It's one of the illustrations from my self project that deals with the climate change and some other reflections. The story (titled 'When the Polar Bear Comes') is about a polar bear named Paul who knocks a girl's door whilst her parents are away from home in the year of 2030. They soon becomes friends but things are not so easy…

Process: Pastels drawing on paper scanned into digital files

Materials: Oil pastels

Formats: Illustration on paper

Brief Requirements: When the polar bears come, it means something hugely wrong on our earth and the mistakes cannot be healed easily. They belong to the wildness, the arctic world, but now they cannot find food and their original homeland. I want to convey the crisis of arctic (or antarctic)  life that is happening right now through the story.

Key Brief Ideas: A fictional story that reflects something may happen in the near future 

College: Kingston University