Virginie Kypriotis
In Night at/in ...


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
A series of artworks about nightlife, electro music and queer culture. The idea is to depict some of the current most influential electro parties&clubs and to put the light on a community of outsiders, freaks, music lovers, queers, ravers who consider the nightlife more as a lifestyle rather than just a recreational moment.

How was the illustration used:
flyers, posters

How did you make this work:
Those artworks have been conceived to be animated so it could depict essential aspects of party like dance and movement.The main image is currently being animated and will be showed at Philharmonie of Paris during an exhibition about electro culture.The images are very busy with various stories coming together so the viewer feel like an observer of a human anthill and feel the effervescent party.

Commissioner Company :
Berghain / Machine du Moulin Rouge

Social Media:

VIrginie Kypriotis is a french illustrator based in Paris. A self taught artist, she has spent several years working in the animation industry as a character designer and visual development artist. She created original content for TV and designed various commercials and internationally recognized animated TV shows. From these experiences evolved a desire to develop a more personal approach to expression with illustration. Her trademark style is often accompanied by busy images, with lots of odd characters and various stories coming together, leaving the viewer with many details to discover.