Jean Mackey Lebleu
Vinyl to Cloud (Vinyl Collection; CD Collection)


This is a self-initiated project from 2015, created for self-promotion in advertising, packaging, merchandise, decoration, and as a gift; I continue to use them for decorative purposes and my own greeting and promotion cards. I've included an example of how one image was used for a book jacket prototype by a self-published author.

Multiple image entry

This is a self-initiated decorative project exploring my memory of the visions and repetitive patterns I used to see when I was a teenager listening to my vinyl records. From that I created "collections" of vinyl and CDs, then did an exercise in how to depict the transition from vinyl to CD to "cloud" in a decorative way. For some reason, whilst the visions were very strong when I was a teen, they are non-existent now, which is why I wanted to explore my memory of them.