Vicki Turner
Socially Distanced Mood Boosters


Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The brief was to illustrate four socially-distanced mood boosters that could act as silos within feature text. (Dog walk for a neighbour, Facetime karaoke, declutter your home, and flowers for a friend)

How was the illustration used:
Commissioned by Prevention Magazine, I created an opener image and three, quarter page illustrations for the feature.

How did you make this work:
Being that they were silo illustrations, there was no background to inform the narrative. Therefore I used the bodily form to reflect the mood boosting energy, with bold facets, brush marks, patterns and dynamic shapes.

Commissioner Name :
Jarred Ford
Commissioner Company :
Prevention Magazine

Social Media: vickiturnerillustration

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Currently Based:
United Kingdom

Vicki is a British illustrator with a passion and curiosity for the natural world. Graphic flowing shapes, rhythmic forms and playful metaphors make up her digital illustrations and hand painted pieces, with a vibrant use of colour. Her work has a complex vitality akin to the natural world, suited to a variety of clients such as Adobe, The Times and The Telegraph.