Vic Lee
The Corona Diary 2020

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
The book was originally a personal journal. After sharing a few pages on social media, 1,000s of people started telling me to publish. For 6 months I illustrated, wrote and researched stories from around the world. It was at times traumatic, but calming also. Self funding and publishing, all 2500 books sold in 8 weeks! I was so taken by the response, I donated £5,000 to Fareshare by way of thanks

How was the illustration used:
Created as a Limited Edition Original signed Artists Edition of 2,500 books complete with a limited edition print. Self published and funded. To tell the story of 2020 and the pandemic that affected the planet. The book has since been used in school curriculums and as inspiration for children to start their own diaries.

How did you make this work:
Freestyle hand illustrated over 6 months using black and grey pens to sketch books. Self published and printed to Munken paper to match the sketch book paper. Hardback bound with hand illustrated cover printed. 6 Months of research from news stories from around the world.

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Currently Based:

Vic Lee is an artist, typographer and illustrator based in Peckham, London. He has created bespoke artworks for clients such as The RSC, Nike, Twinings, Sainsburys, Mercedes and has a range of products in The Tate. Vic specialises in hand illustrated, ornate typographic storytelling murals.