Unit of Learning Disorders

Site Specific

Image Type: multiple

Usage: The illustrations serve to indicate the different offices and to personalize and humanize the hospital space. Illustrations are a wayfinding system for children and teens with cognitive problems. Illustrations represent the city of Barcelona adapted to the hospital space, as a tool to humanize the Hospital and make it understandable for them.

Process: Understand, measure, decode the space as a canvas to comunicate the City of Barcelona as a wayfinding system for children and teens. Brushes and ink on paper, scanning the images and digital color with Illustrator.

Materials: Brushes, Ink, Paper, Illustrator, and cut on wall stickers.

Formats: Different sizes of illustrations applied on wall stickers.

Brief Requirements: Create a wayfinding system with illustrations. Identify, signalize and humanize space with different language codes (icons, illustrations, texts), using also illustrations close to the world of users (children and teens up to 18 years), using Barcelona as the main element.

Key Brief Ideas: Represent different places of Barcelona to identify the spaces of the Hospital (each recognizable space of the city is one of the rooms and spaces of the Hospital). In addition to seeing children and young people interacting in different spaces of the city.

Commissioner Company: Sant Joan de Déu Hospital