Under the Skin
Under the Skin of Endangered Animals

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Why did you make this work:
Habitat loss, climate change, poaching, overfishing, and ocean plastics are taking their toll on our environment. With the endangered species list doubling in the past decade, threats to animals continue to grow and scientists now warn of a sixth mass extinction. Working in collaboration with my brother, a printmaker, we decided to take action and raise awareness of the world’s endangered species.

How was the illustration used:
Poster series

How did you make this work:
Our limited edition screenprints are a celebration of these species with a powerful underlying message. Under UV light the phosphorescent skeleton is exposed; all that remains if a species falls into the darkness of extinction. We donate 20% of print sales to selected charities working to protect the respective animal. Each print is accompanied by a UV torch, educational material, and makers book.

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The creators of the Under the Skin artworks are brothers and designer duo Ed and James Harrison. Ed is a graphic artist with a bold, playful and minimal aesthetic, whilst James is a designer and printmaker with a meticulous eye for detail. Over the past 7 years Ed has had the opportunity to work with a range of clients such as Penguin Books, Adobe, Rewilding Britain, and Sea Shepherd. He graduated from the University of Brighton in 2012 with a degree in Graphic Design. James is based in Scotland where he has set up his own screen print studio in the creative hub of Glasgow. Working alongside globally renowned artists and printmakers in the Glasgow Print Studio, he also runs screen printing and bookbinding workshops.