Trampolín Inclusive Creative Lab for Zeta Beer

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Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
These label illustrations for a limited edition of Zeta Beer were carried out in our Inclusive Design Labs, where people with intellectual disabilities and design professionals collaborate in developing creative projects. The designs are inspired by the freedom and vitality of 90s Mediterranean summers, defined by colorist visual optimism and ripped forms.

How was the illustration used:
Four label illustration designs for a limited edition of Zeta Beers, a craft beer company in Valencia (Spain), as a part of a corporate social responsibility campaign.

How did you make this work:
Our Inclusive Design Labs are aimed at empowering people with intellectual disabilities. Everyone can be creative, we just need respect, confidence, and training. This project is part of a workshop in ripping colored paper and composing in framings. A handmade experience where these people exercised their creativity and proved they can be part of teams that develop products for the market.

Commissioner Name :
Zeta Beer
Commissioner Company :
Zeta Beer

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Valencia (Spain)

Trampolín is a Valencia (Spain) based inclusive creative platform that develops design projects with the participation of people with intellectual disabilities. We are a lunch pad for people and organizations to help them jump into new models of creative collaboration that promote significant positive changes for society at all levels. Trampolín is supported by Valencia World Design Capital 2022.