cover illustration for "Shanghairen"

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Why did you make this work:
I would like to take part in this project because I want to contribute my own story about the city to this visual event of making a collective memory of Shanghai. I didn't return to this city after the pandemic, considering the changes in my work, I may no longer have the opportunity to live in Shanghai in the future, I want to dedicate this artwork as my farewell to the city.

How was the illustration used:
The Shanghairen is a collaborative project gathering dozens of emerging and confirmed talents from Shanghai and the rest of the World. the book cover will be exhibited online.

How did you make this work:
What I have drawn is not a literal depiction of Shanghai; rather the memory of the only way I used to travel to work. It is basically a miniature of the city: People will be lost in the torrent of a "logo world" which has a vibrant matrix of cultural symbols, old and new, east and west... By collating these icons, brick by brick, I want to collage all the cultural icons into a vivid city on screen

Commissioner Name :
Benoit Petrus
Commissioner Company :
The Shanghairen

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University of the art London
MA Graphic design communication
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London UK

Trajan is an artist from China, present be activity in London UK. To be separate from usually single and real-life narrative way, his work shows random and magic traces of people's fates under the breaking down by the architecture framework.