Hanane Kai
Tongue Twister

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Illustrations for an Arabic tongue  twister book for kids and adults.

Process: The general idea of each illustration was sketched with a pencil on white paper. Each idea was then developed into a refined composition/layout using Adobe Illustrator. Original illustrations were then created using a stencil technique, acrylic paint, and a sponge. Each color was applied on its own on the cardboard until the full illustration is formed.

Materials: Acrylic paint, sponge, computer.

Formats: Pencil illustrations, digital compositions, original hand crafter illustrations.

Brief Requirements: The brief was to create illustrations for an Arabic tongue twister book to be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

Key Brief Ideas: The first question I asked myself when I read the tongue twisters is: what are these tongue twisters really about? Sure, one can think about the meaning of each tongue twister, but this is not what these tongue twisters  (or any tongue twisters) are really about. Tongue twisters are about the confusion that happens verbally as they are read out loud. And this is the very concept I decided to represent visually. I used modular Arabic letters of each tongue twister and simple geometric shapes to create illustrations where the letter and the shapes are twinkled together. The result are modular and vibrant illustrations that play on the meaning of each tongue twister and take readers into a visual world that’s as confusing and fun as the verbal one. The illustrations are a witty puzzle for readers to decipher.

Commissioner Company: Kalimat Publishing