Ewelina Skowronska
Tokyo Bits

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Series of illustration in a small book/zine

Process: Black ink drawing inside sketchbook scanned in to digital file and put together in Photoshop

Materials: black ink, brush, Photoshop

Formats: Sketchbook drawings and digital files. Now the work exist as a small printed book/zine.

Brief Requirements: One year ago I moved from London to Tokyo. Even though it sounds as a great adventure, finding yourself new home in a completely new place is a internal and not easy process. I wanted to create series of images that will reflect feelings connected with going outside of my comfort zone as well as to show how different is Japan from Europe.

Key Brief Ideas: Most people see Tokyo as crazy, strange and colorful place. I wanted to show life there in a bit more personal perspective of the outsider who is not a tourist but actually is trying to live there. That's why I decided to use black ink and just pink background of the paper. I also wanted to show more personal experiences from everyday Tokyo life that are maybe not so well known.

College: Camberwell College of Arts