Tiny Pochi

Following the footsteps of a little child chasing a butterfly all the way to his imaginary world

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'Papillion' is a combination 2 French words - 'papillon' (butterfly) and 'lion' (same as 'lion' in English). It is a picture book that follows an adventure, as real as it is imaginary, of a child who forgets about his meal to chase after a butterfly, which leads to his surprising encounter with a lion. This project is inspired by a playful, imaginative and free-spirited child that I know and love.

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Tiny Pochi is a Vietnamese artist and illustrator based in Paris. A true visual thinker, with a background in graphic design and passion for children's books, she draws and paints mostly to express how her inner child thinks and feels about the world. Watercolour is her main medium as she is fascinated by its poetic qualities as well as the fluidity and versatility of the pigments.