Nice Sleeping-Wish every insomnia can find a comfortable position, have a nice sleeping.

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Why did you make this work:
The inspiration of this Zine comes from the friends around who have insomnia. Their s’life suddenly loses sleep, just like losing the concept of time. They dream when they are awake and worry when they are tired. This makes me want to write a Zine about sleeping well;

How was the illustration used:
Used on book fairs and illustration fairs.

How did you make this work:
I chose the most familiar printmaking materials and presented them on the paper with the uncertainty of texture: mono print and oil pencil hand drawing.

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University of the Arts London
Book Arts
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I am TianyangGuan,An illustrator also a tattoo artist from China, I really enjoy creating artistic works with texture such as print making, collage, cyan print. I studied at MA Book Arts in UAL , I participated in Leeds and Cover to Cover Book fairs and really enjoy to join in the fairs to learn Moreland also the content of the work comes from the observation in my life and studies.