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A walk down memory lane


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Why did you make this work:
How often do we take holiday pictures that get buried in our camera roll? Probably because they capture a great moment or a detail but are not frame-worthy as such. Feeling nostalgic about travelling made me relive and illustrate some of these documentations. Not everything is depicted exactly - think of it as a vague but vivid memory. You remember the sensation but not every tiny detail.

How was the illustration used:
Personal project: The pandemic has given me the time to stand still and review. I rediscovered my love for drawing, left my job as a fashion designer and went back exploring my own creative roots.

How did you make this work:
I try to think in block shapes when drawing digitally in order to create a desired linocut look. This allows me to focus on the most important subjects. Sometimes combining past moments together. I use brushes & stamps that can mimic printed textures and love to create happy accidents caused by digital manipulation. Vibrant and saturated colours set the mood and make the memories come alive again.

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Currently Based:
Utrecht, the Netherlands

Pya (Pui-Yie Au) is a German born Chinese illustrator and designer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She created Tian Mi Studio to illustrate and animate dreamy and cosmopolitan sceneries that make the viewer feel happy and nostalgic. "Tian Mi" means poetically spoken "honey sweet" in Chinese and invites to share fond memories with your loved ones.