Thomas WH Compton
Folklore Festivals of the British Isles


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
These images respond to my interest in Folklore Traditions from around Britain. I find it fascinating that there are customs that harken back to a time forgotten, but i’m equally intrigued by the inculcation of modern day customs that are part and parcel of an evolving Britain. I wanted to consolidate elements of my style by merging techniques in this series.

How was the illustration used:
My intention is that these will be used to promote the events, and as fine-art prints to be sold in my printmaking practice.

How did you make this work:
A combination of digital and analog methods. I drafted and scanned drawings physically, then using Photoshop selection tools, I added layers of tone. I used letterpress printing for typography of the posters. A screen-printer, I have also printed these as fine-art prints.

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Currently Based:
Plymouth, UK

Thomas Compton lives in Plymouth, UK, where he works as an illustrator and printmaker. His illustration practice is a combination of both digital and analogue methods. He is the Author of ‘The De Chirico Horse’; a semi-fictional narrative based upon a friendship the artist’s great-grandfather had with the artist Giorgio de Chirico.