Thomas Hedger
Christmas in Colour

Site Specific

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
For CitizenM’s annual secret garden series, I was approached to transform the hotel garden into a celebration of festive iconography, graphics and colour. Christmas in Colour was an immersive installation of huge banners and lenticular posters that encouraged people to take a pause from the Christmas flux, watching the flags move in the breeze or captivated by the softly animated lenticulars.

How was the illustration used:
3m flag banners and large scale lenticular posters

How did you make this work:
The theme was loosely around movement, the static graphics on the banners brought to life by the wind and the animated lenticular posters activated by people walking past. This project was my first site-specific installation, taking it on was hugely exciting and an even bigger learning curve - from design, curation, printing and installation I’d like to thank everyone who helped set this up.

Commissioner Name :
Rachael Jevons
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Visual artist Thomas Hedger mixes strong line work, geometric and fluid shapes, bold colour and often gradients creating punchy vector illustrations with ambience and beauty. His work takes the form of flat illustration for print and digital applications, as well as physical 3D installation and sculpture.