Rebecca Hendin
This Is What It’s Like To Face Your Sexual Abuser In Court After Four Decades


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Set of 6 illustrations for an online article:

Process: Digital drawing using Photoshop.

Materials: Photoshop, Wacom.

Formats: Digital file

Brief Requirements: Create a dark, powerful series of images for an article about what it's like to confront your childhood sexual abuser in court years later, based on court reportage and the article text.

Key Brief Ideas: A journalist and I accompanied a key witness as he gave evidence against the teacher who abused him when he was a pupil at St Paul's School, one of Britain's top private schools, in the late 1970s. The story told in the article is one of a life-changing courtroom confrontation in present-day, culminating with the defendant being found guilty on 25 counts of childhood sex abuse. Photography and drawing aren't permitted in UK courtrooms, so the series of 6 illustrations were created based on memory from the court experience, from listening to witness' testimony, and from the writer's in-depth, jarring, tragic look at what happened in the years leading up to the case and in its aftermath.

Commissioned For: online article:

Commissioner Company: BuzzFeed UK