Lizzy Stewart
There’s a Tiger in the Garden

Image Type: multiple

Usage: All images featured by the award appear as a double page spread within the children’s picture book ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden’, and work to convey, coincide with and complement the story’s narrative. The one exception is the cover image, which prominently displays the book's title ‘There's a Tiger in the Garden’. Like all cover art, this is designed to be both eye-catching and alluring, and attempts to kick-start the imagination of a potential reader before even having opened the book.

Process: All of these designs were created in the studio using pen and ink before being painted. The painted artwork is then scanned into Photoshop and coloured and adapted in order to achieve a printable state.

Materials: Paper, pen and ink, acrylic paints, sketch pads, Photoshop.

Formats: Illustrations are created by Lizzy before being scanned into a digital format for printing. The final images appear on 140gsm matt art paper within a textured jacket case.

Brief Requirements: The initial brief was to create a picture book for children that tackled the big question: how do you know if you are real?

Key Brief Ideas: We aimed to create gorgeous, vibrant artwork that's full of texture and character. Scenes that seemed immersive and escapist at the same time and reflected the key theme of the book.

Commissioner Company: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books