William Grill
The Wolves of Currumpaw

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Illustrations used for self initiated children's book.

Process: All artwork carried out by hand, many landscapes and animal drawings backed up by observational drawings carried out on location (New Mexico).

Materials: Colouring pencils.

Formats: Drawn on loose sheets of paper, varying sizes from A5 – A3.

Brief Requirements: Create a children's book of a classic short story by Ernest Thompson Seton. 88 page large format book

Key Brief Ideas: To bring a old story to a modern audience, whilst trying to make the link between the story and the birth of the wildlife conservation movement. My other aim was make the reading experience unconventional, I wanted it to be accessible to those who struggle with digesting large amounts of text.

Commissioned For: Flying Eye Books

Commissioner Company: Nobrow

Agent: Folio Illustration

Agent Website: folioart.co.uk