Poppy Pearce
The Rooftop Alligator

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Cover spread: Back cover, spine and front cover for a children's book titled 'The Rooftop Alligator'.

Process: Rough little sketch in sketch book. Enlarged on scanner. Traced onto watercolour paper. Colours built up with paint and pastel.

Materials: Egg tempera and pastel on watercolour paper.

Formats: 25 x 46 cm

Brief Requirements: Convey a sense of the threatening yet beguiling personality of the alligator.

Key Brief Ideas: Using the layout of the cover spread to illustrate the alligator’s mixed persona: the front cover shows the alligator peeping from behind a chimney, with a seemingly friendly expression on his face.  The look on the pigeons faces (on the back cover) indicate otherwise.

College: L’Ecole Emile Cohl