Jun Cen
The Perfect Home


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Interior illustrations for magazine

Process: Digital painting with scanned hand-painted textures.

Materials: Digital

Brief Requirements: I was thinking about creating a series of conceptual illustrations that reflect the psychological impact of housekeeping and the idea of creating the idea home

Key Brief Ideas: The two pieces amplify the psychology of the main character, the owner of an apartment. In the first piece of the series, the woman is lying on the floor of her well-designed living room. Loneliness still dominates her even though everything in the apartment seems to be perfectly put together. The exaggerating scale of the face tells her true emotion. In the second piece, I was attempting to set the ‘camera’ in a lower angle. The desaturated palette amplifies the loneliness. The hesitation in her body language implicates a story outside of the frame.

Commissioner Company: The New York Times Magazine