Eva Bee
The Day My Brother Was Taken


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Full page illustration inside The Observer Life & Style magazine

Process: Initial pencil sketches from online reference material. Line work inked by hand using brush pens, scanned into Photoshop and coloured using specialist Photoshop brushes and textures

Materials: Pencil, ink brush pens, Photoshop

Formats: Ink drawings on paper, digital Photoshop files

Brief Requirements: Illustrate a moving story about a young boy who is taken and murdered whilst out cycling in the woods. His younger brother narrates the story of how he watched him leave on his bike one morning, never to return.

Key Brief Ideas: The Art Director particularly wanted woods to feature in the illustration as this is the opening scene of the story, the moment of tension before the tragedy unfolds. I took this initial suggestion and used the woods to represent the malevolent figures hiding inside about to attack the boy, the trees casting foreboding shadows with grasping hands across his path. I decided to show a mix of light and shade, the boy moving from the sunshine and happiness of his early years into the darkness and danger of the woods where he meets his end.

Commissioned For: The Observer Life & Style magazine

Commissioner Company: The Observer