Sara Wong
The Crossing

Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Book cover

Process: Digital

Materials: Digital, photoshop

Formats: Digital file

Brief Requirements: Create a book cover for The Crossing, by Cormac McCarthy—a book about a boy who makes 3 crossings: into Mexico, to trap a wolf, to recover horses, and to find his brother. Convey the themes of death, man at the odds of nature, and coming of age into a cruel world.

Key Brief Ideas: I worked with size, contrast, and shadow to create a sense of desolation and human insignificance. Only the overbearing sun and landscape witness the wolf's death, but it is as unending and timeless as they are. The type trickles up in a more unconventional fashion from the figure as a slow declaration that echoes around the landscape.

College: Washington University in St. Louis