Jonny Glover
The Birds


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Used as a promotion piece. The piece was printed as a poster to send out to clients

Process: Ink and chalk pen drawings and gouache. The elements are all composed and coloured digitally using scanned textures and gradients from mono prints and found imagery.

Materials: Ink, Gouache, Chalk Pen, paper, Photoshop

Formats: The image was drawn at size for a poster 50cm x 70cm in size. The elements were all drawn and inked on cartridge paper. The sky and sea were combined with the drawing on photoshop. The end result was produced as a giclee digital print which allowed for really bold and accurate colour reproduction.

Brief Requirements: I wanted to create an image that was: tranquil, calm, restful, pleasant, still, relaxing, undisturbed, untroubled, isolated. An afternoon doze in the warm sun.