Tereza Bartůňková
ZA HRA DA (The Garden)


Commissioned | New Talent

Why did you make this work:
I was given an assignment to create illustrations for promotional use for the new performance called Zahrada (The Garden), premiered before Christmas 2018. In the first place I was invited to be part of the production team, as the animation film creator and designer. To fit to the concept of hand drawn animations used in the performance, the directors asked me to draw the posters as well.

How was the illustration used:
print adverts, posters, postcards, banners on trams, merchandise products like notebooks, pencils, t-shirts

How did you make this work:
The garden is full of memories, hidden treasures, games. The letters are hand drawn, with not using any post production effects after the scanning. The necessary postproduction was made by the agency GRAPHICSHOP. It is important to mention my talented colleague Erik Bartoš, who gave life to my illustrations in the show itself, but also animated the letters, to create a lively poster for screens.

Commissioner Name :
Pavel Knolle
Commissioner Company :
Laterna Magika, The National Theatre (Prague)

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Set design for Alternative and Puppet Theatre, Academy of Performing Arts, Prague
Year of Graduation:

I am a freelance artist who enjoys moving between the feverish world of theatre and the more introverted field of illustration. I am fascinated by lines, light, structures, and narratives made visible to us in nature. My greatest passion is the process of drawing that becomes a generative part of any project I work on. I very much enjoy letting my drawings come to live in theatre performances as well as in spatial installations.