Terence Eduarte
100 Days Of Secrets

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I wanted to challenge myself by drawing a portrait every day. But I didn't want to just illustrate portraits, I wanted each portrait to have a story.Keeping a secret can feel so burdensome that it alters a person’s personality. I wanted people to have an outlet for the deepest thoughts that they normally wouldn't tell anyone.

How was the illustration used:
Website, Post Cards, Prints on exhibit

How did you make this work:
People told me their secrets and in return, i drew their faceless portraits. Since I started the project in April 2017, I have been told 2,126 secrets.I told the world one secret every day for 100 days. Until all of them were finally revealed online. With every secret, I learned that there is nothing more liberating than telling someone the truth. Even if that someone is a stranger.

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