Teagan White

Children's Publishing

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Why did you make this work:
This work was commissioned by Big Picture Press who were looking for an artist who was interested in the natural world, to form part of the bestselling Welcome to the Museum Series.

How was the illustration used:
Each spread was briefed by the publisher to make the book, Oceanarium.

How did you make this work:
The illustrations were made with graphite and watercolour, with colour added digitally.

Commissioner Name :
Joanna McInerney
Commissioner Company :
Bonnier Books UK - Big Picture Press
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Teagan White is an artist and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest. They use depictions of flora and fauna to celebrate the intricate beauty of the natural world and illustrate the fraught relationship between humans and the rest of nature. They are currently a member of the University of Washington’s Coastal Observation and seabird Survey Team (COASST) and Oregon Shore’s CoastWatch.