Tania Yakunova
Be Green

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was commissioned by Green Network Energy to create a set of illustrations for gift calendar and postcards under the topic “Be Green” dedicated to sustainable living and mindful attitude to the environment.

How was the illustration used:
Gift table-top calendar and postcards

How did you make this work:
Vibrant and joyful illustrations are meant to focus on a positive attitude and to show that caring about planed is a great and fun thing to do. Our main characters are people to remind viewers that it’s their small everyday steps lead to big changes. Each illustration is supplemented with a “green attitude” quote made in hand-drawn lettering.

Commissioner Name :
Alessandro Aralla
Commissioner Company :
Green Network Energy

Social Media:
facebook.com/Tania Yakunova

Personal Website:

Currently Based:

Tania Yakunova (full name Tetiana Yakunova) is an illustrator who lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. She finds her inspiration in avant-garde art and design of the 20 century. Her field of work spreads from commercial illustration, book illustration, editorial illustration, poster design, packaging for clients all around the world to internationally exhibit personal works. Tania is an active member of the local artists' community, she regularly gives lectures and workshops about illustration. Clients include Coca-Cola, Visa Gold, Yves Rocher, Unit 9, Marvell App, Invision.