Kerry Hyndman
Survivors, Extraordinary Tales from the Wild and Beyond

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Full page or double page spread illustrations plus spot illustrations to accompany a collection of 23 short stories. As well as artwork for the front, back cover and end pages. 

Process: Drawn in vectors in Adobe illustrator and then finished off with hand drawn textures and details on photoshop.

Materials: Digital software and drawing tablet with scanned elements drawn in ink, spray paint, pencils and paint washes.

Formats: very rough preliminary sketches in sketchbook. The textures are created on a variety of papers with a variety of mediums. The files exist digitally as unfinished vector files that are then copied into photoshop where I add lots of elements and textures to create the final artwork.

Brief Requirements: Create book illustrations to accompany 23 real life short stories about survival. The age range was about 10 / 11 year olds and the scenes had to be thrilling and dramatic without being too scary or gory.

Key Brief Ideas: I used scale to help show the vulnerability of the characters within a dramatic landscape. Each story is a person's battle against the natural elements so it was important to show how grave their situation was within that environment.

Commissioned For: Hardback Children's book

Commissioner Company: Faber & FaberWill Steele

Agent: Central Illustration Agency

Agent Website: