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Why did you make this work:
Zhe Gu Tea's unique logo originates from Chinese Xiao Zhuan font and was improved to resemble slim tea leaves. The bird on the package symbolizes the ancient tale in which a dying Zhe Gu bird revived after eating tea leaves. The growing area of this tea, Dong Shan hill, is known for its Buddhist shrine. After baking, tea turns into ball looking like Buddha beads which inspired the high end ceramic

How was the illustration used:
The design inspiration came from the tale of partridge. By adopting the pure white background, it depicts a partridge rest on the tree in line-drawing method directly and simply. The high-end packaging originated from an obstruct conception of Buddhism as the Chinese word"Kon." The growing area of Zhe Gu Tea, Dong Shan hill, is a Buddhist shrine.

How did you make this work:
In the product diversification and homogenization serious today, partridge tea to be developed on the basis of their own innovation. Packaging design is crucial to facilitate end-consumer purchase and improve consumer user experience. Zhe Gu Tea packaging innovation can not be self-centered. nor the it's simple attempt, but must meet the market.

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My name is Sun Jian, SunDesign founder. I used to work for the 2008 Olympic emblem design team and worked for Japan Dentsu Corporation. I formed a unique design concept and style in the dual conflict between brand design and advertising creation. I work has won multiple design awards in Europe, Oceania, Asia and the United States.