Soo Kyung Cho
Me and Me

Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
A main character of this story is a child, he exhausted by study finds a hope by meeting himself in the future. The child and the man in the future lead to a string. The child follows the man into the forest, under the sea and in the space. At the end of the adventure, He realizes that there is someone who believes in himself. He thinks the man will come again when the child needs him.

How was the illustration used:
Book and App

How did you make this work:
“Me and Me” has another story; a main character is an adult. The man exhausted by living meets himself in the childhood and recovers pure memory. It has a message the child and the adult exchange a motive power in the life. This story is about a child’s story, at the same time being about an adult’s story, so it is a useful picture book both for children and for parents and adults.

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