Extra Teeth

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was invited to be illustrator for the second issue of literary magazine Extra Teeth. One illustrator is asked to create imagery across each issue, working alongside the designer to set the visual tone and respond to the varied texts and tales by bestsellers, award-winners and emerging writers alike.

How was the illustration used:
Cover, full pages, spots, accompanying poster and subsequent risoprint series.

How did you make this work:
The texts are all very different, but share common threads, so I wanted to reflect this. I developed a symbolic language using repeating motifs made from vector lines and shapes in 3 spot colours to create a cohesive visual approach. The imagery represents each story whilst also enabling space for interpretation.

Commissioner Name :
Esther Clayton (Designer at Extra Teeth)
Commissioner Company :
Extra Teeth

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studioLEMM is the illustration & design practice of interdisciplinary artist David Lemm. His considered graphic output can be characterised by playful abstraction and exploration of symbolic form, informed through methodical conceptual thinking. Since 2011 he has produced context specific imagery across print, digital and moving image for numerous clients, large and small.