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Why did you make this work:
Helping children have a better mental welfare, by encourage them to use their local natural spaces on their doorstep during covid 19. Using a nature trail highlighting some of the amazing animals we might see on our local walks or in our gardens, the signage alongside the corresponding activity book, highlights interesting facts and activities to partake in when emerging themselves in nature.

How was the illustration used:
To be placed within local parks, nature reserves etc, for children to explore and actively engage within the landscape. This activity guide contains a eco friendly bag which you can carry your activity book around in and collect found objects along the way. Alongside a Wild Adventures poster to display in your bedroom!

How did you make this work:
Research into active learning and mental engagement by children within green spaces. Studies showing that just 120 minutes a week outside in nature, can have a significant impact on academic performances as well as overall health of a child. I used gouache paintings and a handwritten font to create the booklet, with ply wood hand painted interactive signs and laser cut brass rubbing plaques.

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United Kingdom

Sophie is a designer whose main interests lie within illustration and craftsmanship. She has a first class degree in Illustration and an MA in Communication Design. Her work aims to reconnect people with their local surroundings, with a specific interest in heritage, environmental challenges and actively encouraging children outdoors. Sophie aims to capture a celebratory atmosphere through her