Till Lauer
Silent Letters – What Have You Never Told Anyone?


Image Type: multiple

Usage: Online illustrations from my ongoing web project silent-letters.com

Process: Mixed techniques using Photoshop, Illustrator and scans for analogue details.

Materials: Pencil, digital drawing, toushe, scanned paper, ink as well as various other materials.

Formats: original drawings, objects, digital files, postcards.

Brief Requirements: With my ongoing project Silent Letters – What have you never told anyone? I have been anonymously collecting and illustrating secrets of all kind. I try to visually react to every letter that is sent to me in an empathic and specific way.

Key Brief Ideas:  This blog is meant to offer a safe space for collected secrets. Not in order to judge them, but to share them and give a stage to what is usually hidden from view.

College: Lucerne School of Art & Design