Gabrielle Paxman
SIEVE 2016


Image Type: multiple

Usage: A series of A3 rectangular fine art prints. Also can be used as visuals printed onto merchandise and home accessories. Can be used as a commercial ad for flour and baking products.

Process: Photography is used to capture a live substance (flour) passing through a sieve. I then use the images as a visual reference to document my drawings in a sketchbook before drawing them digitally using photoshop paint brushes and colour swatches.

Materials: Photography as a reference. Drawing pens and colour pencils for ideas. Digital drawings using the pens, paintbrushes and colour swatches on photoshop to create the final image.

Formats: Sketchbook drawings in pen were made using the photographed images as a visual reference and ideas. Then the drawings are made and live in a digital format.

Brief Requirements: A sequence of images capturing order and movement of a loose substance (flour) passing through a sieve. Illustrated in a whimsical and colourful style. This is in relation to baking as a joyful and fun activity.

Key Brief Ideas: I used photography to help capture different stages of flour being sifted. Selected stages and images are then translated into an illustrative stylised aesthetic.