Shanlyn C.
The Friendship between the Big Giants

Mural painting reflecting the company's vision of "Force for Good, Force for Growth"

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This project was commissioned by Dentsu Singapore, with the brief of creating a mural in their office, that reflects the company’s vision “Force for Good, Force for Growth” and championing Sustainability. The mural has to express the concept of the virtuous cycle of Good and Growth, and that they have to work together within an integrated ecosystem instead of standing as independent pillars.

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Dentsu Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore
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Dentsu Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore

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Shanlyn C. is a freelance illustrator from Singapore. Her style of drawings are quirky, happy, and light-hearted. Drawing quirky characters out of shapes and objects from surroundings allows her to observe the little things in life. She creates her own illustration label, Mushroom Mountain, a platform for Shanlyn to share her creations with more people, and also invite them to her imaginary world.