Diego Becas
Schwaderer Wine Label: Brut Blanc Noir & Brut Rose

Image Type: multiple

Usage: Wine label and advertising posters for street and magazines.

Process: 1. Draw with watercolour graphite the woman silhouette 2. Scan the image 3. Design the image of the sword in Illustrator to be included on the woman image 4. The final label was sketched in Illustrator: each wine’s name and brand name is added to give the final layout to the label. 5. The final step was to design the back label 6. Design three advertising posters

Materials: Watercolour graphite

Formats: Original artwork: 8.2 inches x 11.4 inches. Label size: 3.9 inches x 3.14 inches

Brief Requirements: Marianne and Constanza, the owners of vineyard Schwaderer, were willing to create a sparkling wine representing the 3 qualities that they share as sisters: black humor, irony and a braveness way of opinion, independent and nonconformist.

Key Brief Ideas: For the label: I create a woman effigy emphasizing her aquiline nose and with a facial expression loaded of personality, away from standard beauty advertising. The lady is showing her tongue like a sword, a scathing tongue full of words of conviction, intelligence and hierarchy. The back label text, is a poem and a brand principle statement, entitle:That your tongue be a virtuous sword_. Written by me, this became a unique design case in Chile, creating the image, story and the spirit of the whole vineyard.  For the posters: 6. To complete the project, I used the woman image to design the advertising poster for street and magazine. The design of the poster was made with details of the silhouette woman, creating abstract images emphasizing the watercolour graphite artistic expression and texture. The main goal was to create a poster like an art painting, to associate the act of drinking a glass of wine as a emocional experience like when you look a painting in a gallery. The posters work all together and individually.

Commissioned For: Schwaderer Wines

Commissioner Company: Schwaderer Wines

diegobecas.cl (graphic design website)

carteldeautor.cl (posters website)