Sarah Walsh
Self Portrait Animated Women


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
'Self-Portrait' is an animation gif about me and how I was feeling during the second year of the pandemic. The brief given by Animest; 'Animated Women' was to create an animated self portrait gif in any style for their exhibition in Romania.

How was the illustration used:
Animation for the Animest 'Animated Women' exhibition in Romania

How did you make this work:
I drew rough sketches of my head moving and brought them into Adobe Animate. I keyed out the roughs for the gif then cleaned up the animation. I gave myself the task of working with minimal colours so I used different shades of grey and soft reds. I brought the animation into photoshop and added a soft grain and blur to the video to make it more dreamlike and added a soft background.

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Currently Based:
Dublin, Ireland

Sarah is a Visual Artist and Illustrator based in Dublin. She has been working as a creative designer on a number of short films and in TV for Netflix, The BBC, RTE and Disney. Her work comprises of illustration and animation. Her passion lies in animation, filmmaking and illustration. In 2019 her comic, 'In August and September' was shortlisted for the Irish Independent Graphic Short Story Award.