Sami Bayly
The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Peculiar Pairs in Nature

Science & Technology

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I wanted to explore 60 of the most peculiar pairs in nature and learn how plant and animal species rely on each other for their survival. Many species steer clear of those who are different, but the animals and plants in this book have evolved to form relationships with some of the most unlikely partners, and they couldn't live without them. Incredible natural relationships deserve to be explored.

How was the illustration used:
For a non-fiction book aged at kids 7-12 years of age.

How did you make this work:
All of my pieces have been created with only watercolours and white gouache at A3 size. In order to paint at a high level of scientific detail, I do countless layers using the wet-on-wet technique as well as the wet-on-dry technique. I love to add the finer details with my tiny paintbrush, like the course hairs of a sloth, the shiny shell of an insect and the scales of a fish. I then scan them.

Commissioner Name :
Lothian/Hachette Australia
Commissioner Company :
Lothian/Hachette Australia
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Lothian/Hachette Australia

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University of Newcastle (Australia)
Bachelor of Natural History Illustration
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Currently Based:
Tamworth, NSW (Australia)

Sami Bayly is a natural history illustrator/author based in rural NSW, Australia. She loves all things weird and wonderful and finds the beauty and importance of all animals regardless of their appearance, and hopes to share her appreciation with others. She has published 3 children's books, all of which have received numerous awards and they have consequently been published overseas.