Joanna Gniady


Image Type: Single Image

Usage: Portrait of Salome for Arts & Artists section of The Village Voice NYC. The text ‘The Only Women Left Alive’ was about the premieres of Metropolitan Opera in 2017.

Process: Pencil and ink drawings in a sketchbook scanned and re-worked in Photoshop.

Materials: Adobe Photoshop

Formats: Digital file

Brief Requirements: I was asked to create a portrait of Salome as an embodiment of a fascinating mix of beauty and cruelty.

It was an illustration to the text ‘The Only Women Left Alive’, concerning female figures in the new operas at MET.

Key Brief Ideas: The illustration had to be simple yet not obvious. Our aim was to play with the viewer's perception. To show – at the first sight – lovers embracing and later the drops of blood on Salome's hand – the sign of a murder.

Commissioned For: The Village Voice NYC

Commissioner Company: The Village Voice NYC