Rufina Bazlova
The History of Belarusian Vyzhyvanka Embroidery


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Why did you make this work:
On August 9, 2020, peaceful decentralized protests erupted across the Republic of Belarus to contest the falsified presidential election results. I decided to support my country my way. The series was created as a reaction on events in Belarus during last months. "Vyzhyvanka" is the name for traditional belarusian embroidering; "vyshyvat" means to embroider, while "vyzhyvat" means to survive.

How was the illustration used:
Illustrations were used on different media-platforms covered protests in Belarus (online and printed); in various charitative iniciatives from solidarity exhibitions to printed products, that collected money for victims of repressions.

How did you make this work:
The medium of traditional embroidery is a widespread transnational phenomenon that uses elements of folk culture as a national commodity and marker of belonging. Belarusian embroideries are a specific code for recording information about the lives of the nation. I utilize this medium to narrate the ongoing saga of the Belarusian uprising, where each tableau corresponds to an actual event.

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Rufina Bazlova is a Prague-based Belarusian artist who works in illustration, comics, art books, puppet making, scenography, performance, and costume design. She finds inspiration in traditional crafts, wood, stones, light and gold. In whatever she creates, she tries to empathize with the viewer, draw him into the story or surprise him.