Joshua Drewe
Round New Cross

Site Specific

Image Type: multiple

Usage: The mural is part of an ongoing redesign of Cafe 35 in Goldsmiths University.

Process: I spent a lot of time in New Cross and Goldsmiths, sketching and taking photos. With a pencil, I created two circles with some string attached to a nail in the middle of the wall and then drew a rough outline of the key buildings and events using these as guidelines. Apart from this, much of the piece was created spontaneously with ink and marker.

Materials: Acrylic ink, acrylic paint, marker pens, a long ruler, string, a nail.

Formats: I drew the mural by hand straight onto the wall after doing some rough, preparatory drawings.

Brief Requirements: To create an engaging mural based on the history of Goldsmiths and its surrounding area. I needed to include the main university building but the rest of the content (including existing buildings and historical events) was left up to me. The image had to be accessible and fun.

Key Brief Ideas: I wanted to create a positive piece that would imply time as non-linear, the past feeding and interacting with present and future, a circular shape fitted the bill. I decided to include a lot of information so that previously unseen things could continually pique a passer-by's interest, encouraging repeat engagement. I decided to stick to events and buildings that resonated most emotionally with me in the hope that they would also find resonance in others and, as I can lean towards the melancholy, including plenty of humour was also important. Finally, I wanted to work as spontaneously as possible as I was interested in how the experience of being in Goldsmiths everyday would influence the work.

College: Camberwell College of Arts

Commissioned For: Goldsmiths, University of London

Commissioner Company: Goldsmiths, University of London