Rod Hunt
Cvision Bumper Animation, Sogo Department Store Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Site Specific

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
Create an animated Bumper for CVISION, Asia Pacific’s largest high-resolution, LED wall. At over 72W x 19H meters in size, the media platform towers over one of the busiest, pedestrian intersections in the world. Sogo wanted the bumper to be a welcomed break from commercially-driven content and to draw inspiration from MTV and Adult Swim. (Animation by Bewilder)

How was the illustration used:
72W x 19H meters HD high-resolution, LED Video wall.

How did you make this work:
Hong Kong is not just a city with tall buildings but also has a strong connection with nature - three-quarters of the land in Hong Kong is countryside. Starting from the top of the mountains, we flying over the Hong Kong, finally drawing into Sogo’s CVISION and an abundance of swimming Koi. The Koi swimming out from CVISION can be seen as a blessing to bring good fortune to the surrounding area.

Commissioner Name :
Jolie Fok
Commissioner Company :
Sogo Hong Kong

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Rod Hunt is an award winning London based Illustrator who has built a reputation for retro tinged Illustrations, detailed character filled landscapes and as the artist behind the bestselling Where's Stig? books for the BBC's hit TV show Top Gear.