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Why did you make this work:
Proposed cover art submission for Marge in Charge by Isla Fisher, for Piccadilly Press, an imprint of Bonnier Books UK Ltd. Lots of time was spent studying the facial features of Marge to get them correct. I wanted her to have a mischievous smile and dominating look on her face without being frightening for children. This is why I drew her to be looking down on you with the authority she demands.

How was the illustration used:
Book Cover

How did you make this work:
The brush pen and acrylic paint gave me the energy and boldness I wanted to capture in the book cover. The block colours and think strokes give it a playful feel while still being exciting enough to demand your attention. I wanted the cover to be both simple and striking, and the use of materials helped give the image depth and subtle texture.

Commissioner Name :
Piccadilly Press
Commissioner Company :
Bonnier Books
Commissioned for:
Bonnier Books

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Sheffield Hallam
Graphic Design (Illustration)
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United Kingdom

My playful nature is something that stretches beyond my work and shapes my outlook on life. This trait helps me search for joyful imperfections while trying to keep this adult life at arm's length. Enjoyment is a huge part of my work and I hope the joy I feel when creating is something that will resonates with both adults and children.