Rob Flowers
Le Swine

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
This hilarious comic was created for Le Swine’s brilliant new packaging for their world-famous bacon butty’s! Delivering bacon sarnies to your front door! This brilliant story, in graphic novel style depicts the birth of the company and celebrates it’s glorious porky offerings and now adorns all packaging for the home DIY bacon butty kids.

How was the illustration used:
Rob’s illustrations are currently being used on all Le Swine branded products, and across their website and social media.

How did you make this work:
Created in illustrator using Rob’s iconic style, then printed onto the greaseproof paper wraps which encase Le Swine’s delicious bacon baps!

Commissioner Name :
Nick Clark
Commissioner Company :
Le Swine - c/o 93 Feet

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Rob's work has been described as 'trippy...As if you took a whole load of acid, ate too much candy floss and went on the waltzers at your town's local fair’ Rob channels his love for ghoulish beasts, psychedelic colours, and anthropomorphic characters into his bright and brilliant work. Inspired by his own collection of vintage action figures and toys, he creates illustrations that embody his obvious love of humour.. There’s never a dull moment in his studio nor a dull millimetre in his acidically vibrant images.