Rinna ♥︎ 猫りんな
Group Hug


Un-commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
During the pandemic I think what everyone is emotionally missing the most is the encouraging hug with love ones. So I created the series of artworks with the theme of HUG for my exhibition in Osaka, Japan. I would like to create the work which is sentimental, but also cheerful at the same time. I hope my works could cheer people up a little bit during this down time.

How was the illustration used:
They are for my exhibition in Osaka, Japan under the theme : HUGS

How did you make this work:
As the symbolic of transferring intangible distant hug into a real tangible hug concept, I initially created the digital illustration on ProCreate first, then made the same illustration into analog. I foil stamped the line and paint acrylic on the back of a plastic sheet, then cut out all the coloured pieces and assembled them together as layers.

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Born in Bangkok. Bachelor of Industrial Designs, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University (Thailand). Master of Arts in Interactive Media, London College of Communication, University of Arts London (UK). Artist / Illustrator / Designer. Currently active in Japan. Rinna creates pop, optimistic, and kawaii artworks which aim to enhance positivity and kindness in the world.