Rina Jost
Augmented Reality Stamp 125 years Swiss National Library

Design Product & Packaging

Commissioned | Professional

Why did you make this work:
I was invited by the Swiss Post to create a stamp for the 125 years anniversary of the Swiss National Library. The National Library asked for a modern representation and a focus on their innovation and variety in media like their analogue and digital collections.

How was the illustration used:
stamp (if you scan the stamp with the Swiss Post App the scenery comes alive in Augmented Reality)

How did you make this work:
In order to create an unexpected image I wondered what you really wouldn't want in a library (like water) and to highlight the discovery aspect. I also wanted the viewer to take on the role of the discoverer and explore the stamp itself. This led me to augmented reality, which highlights the interaction between digital and analogue media and the innovation aspect. AD: Isabelle Bühler

Commissioner Name :
Swiss Post
Commissioner Company :
© Swiss Post Ltd

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Rina Jost is an illustrator living in Switzerland. Her work has been recognized by the SOI Annual 61, Hiii Illustration and 3x3 Magazine and was shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2018. She also received an Award from her home town Frauenfeld. Clients include Bombay Sapphire, NorthSouth Books and Swiss Post. She is currently working on her second graphic novel.