Regyon : Picture me rollin'


Un-commissioned | Professional

Building peace on earth by creating, sharing and maintaining "inner peace” through learning and exploring our lives tremendously. (The animated gif will share across workplace self-discipline training and private gardening workshops)
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"Picture me rollin'” is an animated gif, uses happy and spinning penguins to metaphor being optimistic to overcome the obstacles in life in order to make all the difference and achieve the inner peace. This piece is one of the latest creation of my life long peace project “Peacerad” which I‘ve been working since 2011.

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100% passion for design, illustration, photography, visual creation; 100% love for creative adventure; 100% desire for great work; and 1000% for curiosity. A multi-disciplinary creative, design educator, visual creator, explorer, and inner peace practitioner. Full-time vegetarian, lousy ambidextrous and graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol UK.